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The Present

Raza is a totally family-run business. 

From production to the sales department, we all come from the same family.

In 2021 we opened a new office in Switzerland, in Caslano.

The full company name is Raza Sport di Julian Schümperli.

We are regulated in the official commercial register of Switzerland .

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and cosy in our sportswear.

Read the page about our products to find out more.

The Past

Our family business started in Venezuela in 2005. A country where we opened a football school and, noticing that the prices for uniforms were too high, we decided to manufacture them ourselves. Thanks to practice and various specialisations, we started to produce uniforms and jerseys for football teams, schools and volleyball teams. In 2017, the owner moved to Argentina due to the Venezuelan crisis.

In Buenos Aires we started producing the kind of products you can find on our page. In 2021 we opened our new location in Switzerland.

The Future

Our goal is to continue creating the best sportswear for you, respecting the environment and launching new products every season.

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